More than 30% of cancers can be avoided by diet alone. What is cancer though? Listen to this interview with Dr Thomas Lodi.

What we eat and how we treat our bodies on a daily basis has a very powerful effect on our health and quality of life. Although cancer can affect many different parts of the body, the foods that prevent cancer and deter cancer growth are generally the same. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes all have important nutrients and other cancer-fighting substances like phytochemicals and pectin that strengthen immune function and destroy cancer-causing substances before they cause harm. Research has shown that people who eat a diet free of animal products, high in whole plant foods, and low in fat have a much lower risk of developing cancer. To search for research and fact sheets on cancer topics click here

If I were diagnosed with cancer I would get myself to one of the raw food retreat centers/clinics and drink wheatgrass and eat 100% raw whole plant foods to boost my immune system. I also know how important it is to be grateful, live in the moment, forgive, reduce stress, and be in nature. You might like to look at the list of experts in the field of cancer who help heal their patients from cancer. Click here.

Here is a great article by Dr. Linda Carney on IGF-1 hormone and its role in cancer promotion. Click here.

Rip Esselstyn also has a great website on cancer. Click here.

If you or someone else has cancer it would be worth watching the videos Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Any More by Dr. Lorraine Day and Healing Cancer From Inside Out.

Dr. Lodi on Healing Cancer Naturally
To learn more about his center, click here. You can also listen to this great interview that was part of The Cure to Cancer Summit. For an informative interview with Dr. Lodi, where he explains what cancer is and how one of his modalities is using only 10% of chemo that specifically targets the cancer without destroying the immune system click the link Dr Thomas Lodi.

Researchers Unveil Six Dietary Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

For link to website and full text click here.

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