Class 4: Food Addictions

Key Message:
Join a support group to help overcome your food addiction.

Class Information covered:
Food Addictions 
Tools of Recovery  and How OA Changed My Life

Is OA for You?

10 tips enjoy your food, but eat less
10 tips enjoy your food, but eat less in Spanish
10 tips make healthier holiday choices
10 tips make healthier holiday choices in Spanish
Weekly Meal Planner

Make your favorite smoothie with healthy ingredients. For suggestions, click here.
Make your own almond milk from scratch. Click here. With the almond milk you can make a Choconana Smoothie. (I would omit the cashews to make the recipe more low-fat)

Breaking the Food Seduction by Dr. Neil Barnard
The Pleasure Trap by Douglas Lisle, Ph.D.
Crowd out Cravings by Brendan Brazier

Clean out addictive foods from your cupboards and refrigerator.
Make a healthy dessert  or smoothie 
Make a whole grain dish this week.
Add 1-3 kale dishes this week and cook sweet potatoes. (Cooking sweet potatoes in a slow cooker overnight makes for an easy breakfast dish or use as a side dish or in a recipe).
Add oatmeal 2-3 times this week.
Make a vegetable soup this week and eat a bowl before dinner 3-5 times this week.
Add a green smoothie 3-5 this week.
Write out a weekly menu and shop for ingredients.

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