Raw Food Retreat Centers

Here are some of the many Raw Food Retreat Centers 

An Oasis of Healing:  A fully-equipped cancer clinic, staffed by a team of doctors and nurses, “An Oasis of Healing” offers alternative therapies with the best conventional ones. The inspiration of Thomas Lodi, M.D., “An Oasis of Healing” clinic is located in Mesa, Arizona. To be connected to their web site click here.

Optimum Health Institute: Located in San Diego, California, and Austin, Texas,  the OHI program consists of three week-long sessions teaching ancient spiritual disciplines that promote healing. Participants learn to purify and detoxify the body with diet, fasting, cleansing and exercise; quiet the mind with journaling and meditation; and strengthen the spirit with study, prayer and celebration. To be connected to their web site click here.

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center:
The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center located in Patagonia, Arizona, aims to nurture the hungry soul. It is an Oasis for Awakening on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level for both inspiration and rejuvenation. The Tree of Life was founded in 1993 and is directed by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine.
To be connected to their web site click here.

Hippocrates Institute: Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Hippocrates Health Institute has been the preeminent leader in the field of natural and complementary health care and education since 1956. The Hippocrates philosophy is founded on the belief that a pure enzyme-rich diet, complemented by positive thinking and non-invasive therapies, are essential elements on the path to optimum health. The Hippocrates Life Change program begins every Sunday and ends on a Saturday, every week of the year. The entire program is three weeks; however, one can stay for as little as one week. To be connected to their web site click here.

For a more detailed list of Raw Food Retreat Centers, go to the “Living and Raw Foods” web site by clicking here or search the Internet.

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