Excerpts from Ellen G. White’s book “Counsels on Diet & Foods.” Used by Permission.

465. The Lord desires those living in countries where fresh fruit can be obtained during a large part of the year, to awake to the blessing they have in this fruit. The more we depend upon the fresh fruit just ss it is plucked from the tree, the greater will be the blessing. page 309

466. It would be well for us to do less cooking and to eat more fruit in its natural state. Let us teach the people to eat freely of the fresh grapes, apples, peaches, pears, berries, and all other kinds of fruit that can be obtained. Let these be prepared for winter use by canning, using glass, as far as possible, instead of tin. page 309

468. Fruit we would especially recommend as a health-giving agency. But even fruit should not be eaten after a full meal of other foods. page 309

480. Families and institutions should learn to do more in the cultivation and improvement of land. If people only knew the value of the products of the ground, which the earth brings forth in their season, more diligent efforts would be made to cultivate the soil. All should be acquainted with the special value of fruits and vegetables fresh from the orchard and garden. As the number of patients and students increases, more land will be needed. Grapevines could be planted, thus making it possible for the institution to produce its grapes. The orange orchard that is on the place would be an advantage. page 312





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