Regularity in Eating

Excerpts from Ellen G. White’s book “Counsels on Diet & Foods.” Used by Permission. page 173

Rest Needed by the Stomach

267. The stomach must have careful attention. It must not be kept in continual operation. Give this misused and much-abused organ some peace and quite, and rest. After the work upon it before it has had a chance to rest and before a sufficient supply of gastric juice is provide by nature to care for more food. Five hours at least should elapse between each meal, and always bear in mind that if you would give it a trial, you would find that two meals are better than three.

Eat a Substantial Breakfast

268. It is the custom and order of society to take a slight breakfast. But this is not the best way to treat the stomach. At breakfast time the stomach is in a better condition to take care of more food than at the second or third meal of the day. The habit of eating a sparing breakfast and a large dinner is wrong. MAke your breakfast correspond more nearly to the heartiest meal of the day.

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