Vegan Awareness Weekend November 17 & 18

Mayor Dave Turner proclaimed November 17 and 18 as Vegan Awareness Weekend. Read the proclamation by clicking here.
The purpose is to allow people to get informed on the benefits of a vegan diet for the environment, our health, the animals and world hunger.

Join us in frequenting participating restaurants who will give 10% off selected vegan dishes during Vegan Awareness Weekend.

Here is a list of participating restaurants and store:

Asian Buffet on Franklin Street in Fort Bragg

Frankie’s Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor in Mendocino

The Ravens’ at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino

Living Light Café in the Company Store in Fort Bragg

Down Home Foods on Franklin Street in Fort Bragg

Cafe 1 on Main Street in Fort Bragg

Mendo Bistro in the Company Store in Fort Bragg

Other interesting vegan web sites related to this event:

Eugene Veg Education Network at

George McGovern’s Legacy: The Dietary Goals for the United States on Dr.McDougall’s web site

Recipes on Eugene Veg Education Network or this site 

Vegetarian Starter Kit from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) or from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Global hunger: The more meat we eat, the fewer people we can feed or just google “world hunger and veganism” and you’ll get all these links.

The link below brings you to a powerful movie. It’s the most devastating and also the most hopeful movie I ever saw!

Could Veganism End World Hunger?



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