Vegan Potlucks

Vegan potlucks are a great way to connect with people who like to eat healthier foods. I, Petra, started a raw food potluck group the day after my 47th birthday.  I love to share information about raw and vegan food with anyone who is willing to listen, and so I did a food demo for my birthday guests and then we ate the food I demonstrated. Afterward we watched a health DVD and my guests asked me a bunch of questions. Everyone liked it so much that we decided to continue meeting once  a month.

Vegan potlucks support everyone involved in a very deep and profound way. I highly recommend starting one.
If you live in Mendocino County you might like to come to the Little River Vegan Potluck.
Generally we meet on the second Saturday of the month at 2 PM.
Please bring a vegan dish to share (raw or cooked), a plate, eating utensils, and a cup. You don’t have to be a vegan to attend.


Other ways to get support (see also Victoria Boutenko’s chapter on Getting Support in her book 12 Steps to Raw Foods)

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