Health Videos

Here are some great free online videos.

Raw Food Videos

Raw Food Demonstration Videos:
In her video Raw Food Made Easy Jennifer Cornbleet shows you 11 easy recipes and also demonstrates how to travel in the raw. I highly recommend this video. Jennifer is an excellent teacher who makes preparing raw food dishes easy.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens has a great 2 hour video called Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine that includes a lecture about why raw food is beneficial and a recipe section where several Tree of Life Cafe Chefs demonstrate 10 delicious recipes.

Raw Food Information Videos:
I love Victoria Boutenko’s video Greens Can Save Your Life. In it she describes her families’ path to good health and how she figured out why greens are good for us.

Also for anyone wondering why a vegan diet is helpful, I highly recommend two videos recorded by Modern Manna of talks given by T. Colin Campbell about his book The China Study.  The second video is called The China Study & Beyond.

Video on Cancer:
If you or someone else has cancer it would be worth watching the video Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Any More by Dr. Lorraine Day. She outlines why strengthening your immune system is vital in regaining your health.

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