Live Your Passion

Live Your Passion

Live Your Passion

Live Your Passion


One of my passions is to help people switch to a whole plant foods diet, which will nurture their body.

If you want to find out more about what your passions are check out 

 The Passion Test.

If you are ready to do the Passion Test, you can also check out the November 2011 edition of the Oprah Magazine.
Tip: Your passions live in your heart – not your head!


Live Your Passion

Live Your Passion


Jeff Popick speaks at the Animal Rights Conference 2007. 

“There is a schizoid quality to our relationship with animals,in which sentiment and brutality exist side by side. Half the dogs in America will receive Christmas presents this year,yet few of us pause to consider the miserable life of the pig -an animal easily as intelligent as a dog – that becomes the Christmas ham.”

Philip Wollen debate, "Should animals be off the menu?"

Live Your passion



Go Green By Going Veg

The cars we drive and the homes we inhabit are two of the biggest contributors to our ‘carbon footprint’, or the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide or CO2 emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels as part of everyday life. Most people don’t realize that another significant contributor to our “carbon footprint” is whether we eat a plant-based or animal-based diet.