Testimony- Patricia

Since taking the Healthy Weight Management Class October- December 2015, Patricia has lost (released) 20 pounds. Patricia is 5 ft tall and had a weight of 130 lbs with a BMI of 25.4, which placed her in the overweight category. After one year of applying the principles taught in the Healthy Weight Management Class she weighs 110 lbs with a BMI of 21.5, which puts her in the normal BMI range.

For a video of her testimony please click here.

Testimony - Mindy

On Tue, May 24, 2016 8:44 pm Mindy Overturf wrote

“Dear Petra:

I enjoyed our evening at Stanford Inn so much. During the class I lost 15 pounds, and I received the results of my blood tests post class. I am happy to report my cholesterol went from 228 down to normal range below 200. My triglycerides went from 248 down to 168. I was going to be put on medication, but I dropped it to normal range and out of danger. You helped me achieve one of my biggest goals. My blood sugar also went down from 135 to 106. I was hoping for it to be under 100, but, as you said, it doesn’t happen overnight. You have given me the tools in which to see these numbers lower, and I thank you so much.

Testimony - Bob

Here is a video about Bob who lost weight and was able to get off medications. Click here for his video testimony from May 2016.

Testimony - Kathy

Kathy attended the May 2016 Prevent & Reverse Diabetes Class. Listen to her testimony here.

Testimony - Brigitta

Brigitta is sharing how she is transforming her life with healthier lifestyle choices here. Since then she released more weight by attending True North Healing Center in Santa Rosa California.