Testimony Mindy, continued

You asked me to write about my success with my hand swelling so here you go:

I had unexplained swelling in my hand below the knuckle for years. I have seen 6 medical doctors because the swelling was quite severe, and I would lose the use of my hand each and every day. Each doctor studied it, took x-rays and blood work but were unable to give me a diagnosis – it simply stumped them. Some of them were specialists. During our first classes you explained about fats in our diets that are not necessary. I struggle with high blood sugar and high triglycerides. I decided to listen to you and stop my dairy and lower my fat intake. The biggest struggle for me was drinking whole milk. I was shocked to learn how much saturated fat is in milk. About 2 weeks of dairy free I noticed my hand wasn’t swelling up like usual. I am happy to say that your class taught me how to fight it through nutrition. As you explained, milk is inflammatory and after 6 doctors not one had told me to look at my diet and to make changes. I think you are a miracle worker and an angel because I have cured this malady that I have lived with for years.  I have full use of my hand and zero swelling. Thank you Petra! I am looking forward to your next class in October. I just know next you will teach me how to lose the extra weight.” Mindy

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 2:49 pm Mindy Overturf wrote

“Petra It has been a while since our class ended. I sent you the good news that I had just by committing to your class and doing the vegan low fat plant based diet. I was able to see my doctor for the first time since our class ended to go over latest reports. I am trying to follow all the things I learned in class. I mainly got rid of all dairy and if you remember the swelling of my hand has stumped many doctors. He actually laughed out loud when i told him i quit the dairy and it just went away, its been about 12 weeks now. I do not miss cows mill and really like soy milk. I am happy to report that he immediately noticed I had lost weight I have never have a doctor notice. This thrilled me. I have lost overall 15 lbs. He reviewed my tests the biggest decrease was my triglycerides they went way down I am out of the danger zone and no longer require them to prescribe me chloresterol pills. I was thrilled with my visit. Upon leaving he released me till October and told me to keep doing what I have been doing. I was on the right track. Thank you so much.” Mindy Overturf

On Fri, August 12, 2016 9:16 pm Mindy Overturf wrote

“Hello Petra I wanted to say hi and let you know your class has enriched my life so much it has completly changed for the better. In case you don’t remember me personally ( you had so many students) I told you about my swollen hand and how your class got me to stop dairy and that was the right thing to heal my hand. Happy to say post class still not swollen. I wanted to write you about another issue which your class how shown me what to do and it has enriched my life. I have had abnormal liver function tests since before I attended your class. Sticking to my diet I learned from you just dumping the fatty foods my liver inflammation just vanished. I am happy to report that the diet that you inspired has changed my life for the better.  As if Monday I do not have any hepatitis and my liver function tests are not only normal again, they are at a safe number.

I had fatty liver disease ( I used to eat too much fat and junk foods)  and now I do not. I lost 15 lbs during the class I have lost just one more lbs but not putting on weight! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I saw the flyer in the doctors office. I will be forever grateful.

I also want to register for the next class in October. I don’t know if it’s too early to register but I am looking forward to it. I can hardly wait to try out new recipes and lose some of my excess weight.

Thank you again. I know I took the class to stop the high blood sugar but I now am still lowering that. I have a normal liver and my hand is so great words cannot express how grateful I am.

Please advise me what I can do to be on the class list? Thanks Petra I hope you are having a great summer.”

Mindy Overturf